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Price Prediction of Bitcoin

The price of Bitcoin is always subject to a lot of speculation. It’s had quite a volatile history with massive price spikes and huge crashes. Inevitably though the price will always go up in the long run!

The Art of Bitcoin Price Prediction

It’s one of the biggets games in crypto! Trying to predict the price of Bitcoin. If you look on Twitter then you’ll see so many “experts” analysying the charts and giving their own price prediction of Bitcoin. The thing is with so many people playing this guessing game, someone will always be right.

The reality is nobody knows what the price will do next. Traders and analysts can make their predictions using a variety of tools and techniques but most of them are wrong most of the time.

The only person I would recommend following is Tone Vays. He basically tells it like it is and if you want short term price analysis you should have a look at his YouTube channel.

The Long Term Bitcoin Price Outlook

Long term, the price prediction of Bitcoin is a lot easier. Each and every day, more people learn about Bitcoin. More people are buying. Meanwhile, with each Bitcoin Halving, the supply of Bitcoin deceases.

It’s a simple light bulb moment for even the dullest of minds:


Increasing demand and diminishing supply means only one thing! 

Keep Hodling – Think About The Long Term

Twitter is littered with tweets like this one! Keep hold of your Bitcoin!! Don’t be like Greg!