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How To Buy Cryptocurrency – Not Just Bitcoin

So you want to get some cryptocurrency? First of all you need to know which cryptocurrency you want to buy. There are literally thousands of cryptocurrencies to choose from.

This is how they are sorted: You have Bitcoin and then you have Altcoins. An Altcoin is anything that is not Bitcoin! Altcoins are also referred to as Shitcoins because 99% of them are scams or they’ve been created to make their developers rich.

There is a world of difference between Bitcoin and Altcoins, hence the price difference. If you’re in a hurry, just focus on Bitcoin and forget the rest!


Buying Cryptocurrency – Your Choices

First you need to signup to a trustworthy exchange. Binance has one of the best platforms around. You can buy any cryptocurrency you want very easily. It’s the number one exchange on the Internet.

At busier times when the cryptocurrency markets are booming they have been known to stop accepting new accounts, so the first thing you should do is sign up to Binance by clicking here. Fingers crossed they are accepting new customers.

Binance has around 150 cryptocurrencies to choose from and has a very good reputation.

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Another choice is LocalBitcoins. Unlike Binance which is an exchange, at LocalBitcoins you buy and sell directly from other people. It’s perfectly safe and your money and Bitcoin is kept in escrow. The main difference here is that you can only buy Bitcoin. There is not a single shitcoin in sight!

It’s still worth having an account though. Plus you can find people living in your area who may be willing to self their Bitcoin for cash. You can sign up to LocalBitcoins by clicking here.

The links on this page are my affiliate links. That means I get a small kickback that enables me to pay for the running costs of this website 🙂 It doesn’t cost you anything! For the Binance link I’ve manages to get you a 10% discount on your fees!

LocalBitcoins doesnt offer any bonuses unfortunatley. If you do use the link on this page to signup though I’m happy to help you if you run into any problems or you just need advice on using their platform 🙂

You can sign up to LocalBitcoins by clicking here

Sign Up to Binance by clicking here